Living in a city, I enjoy the liveliness and convenience of urban life. But at the same time, I realize I lost all the benefits which belong exclusively to the countryside. The vast land, the plantation, the pure air, the interaction with animals, the space to free my mind and dream, and the days I can  just wander without a purpose. I believe I’m not alone in this.

I paint nature, capturing serene and enchanting moments between nature, human and animals. I capture light and shadow, but sometimes get distracted by the clouds.  I paint my imaginary scenes,  get lost in another world. I want to share these with other people, providing a space where they can take a break.

Latest Shows

Solo Show at Dumpling Tzar, part of Fremont Art Walk – 06/2019

Solo Show at Bauformat Seattle, part of Belltown Art Walk – 06/2019

Pop up Show at The Summit, part of Capitol Hill Art Walk – 05/2019

Group Show at Abram Chiropractic Clinic, part of PhinneyWood Art Walk – 05/2019

Interested in my past shows? Please head to my CV page.