Living in a city, I enjoy the liveliness and convenience of urban life. But at the same time, I realize I lost all the benefits which belong exclusively to the countryside. The vast land, the plantation, the pure air, the silence, the space, and the days I can wander around without a purpose. I believe I’m not alone in this.

I paint humid pacific northwest, where mountains meet clouds. I paint the edge of the city, where nature begins. I capture light and shadow, but sometimes get distracted by the clouds. I want to bring the nature back to people through my work, extending their place to a broader space, making them feel they are one step closer to the wild out there

Upcoming shows

Ghost Gallery 12th Annual Holiday Mini Art Exhibit
I will be part of Ghost Gallery’s 12th Annual Holiday Mini Art Exhibit! I’m extra excited about this one, since
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November show at A/NT Gallery
Two of my pieces are currently exhibited in A/NT Gallery in Seattle center for November, come check them out before
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Interested in my past shows? click here please. 

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