Loose Watercolor: How To Paint Flower Field In An Easy And Fun Way

Loose Watercolor: How To Paint Flower Field In An Easy And Fun Way

Many people often tell me that they want to paint flower field with watercolor, but gave up because they are overwhelmed with the amount of flowers to capture. Or the painting looks crowded when they painted all the flowers. If this were you, you’ve come to the right class. 

In this class, I will demystify watercolor, teach you how to paint a beautiful flower field using a loose and beginner friendly approach, with a simple color palette of 4 or less colors. We will be smart with the level of details we capture and have a beautiful floral field watercolor painting. 

My name is Zoee, and I have been a watercolor artist for 5 years, and an aspiring artist for my whole life. I, too, had similar problems with watercolor as you in the beginning. I have spent years practicing my skills and simplified the process. And I cannot wait to share with you what I have learnt. 

In this class, I will start by 

  • Demonstrating the watercolor techniques we will be using in the course. 
  • And then we will go into the first demo, where I will explain in detail on how to use the specific techniques to capture the essence of a flower field
  • The step by step instructions of the demo focuses on the why rather than the when to help you master complex concepts such as aerial perspective with ease. 
  • After the first demo, we will go through a second demo to reenforce what we just learnt.  

You will be creating 

  • 1 watercolor flower field painting using the process we covered in class

Where to access the class:

This class is hosted in Skillshare, you can use my referral link to enjoy 30 days of free membership, to watch this class, and all other classes on the platform:


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